Bringing Zero Tolerance to our Customers

Lintech Components is an industry leader in the open market distribution of high quality electronic components. We know that purchasing quality ensured products is of the utmost concern to our customers.

Product failure, testing time, re-procurement costs and loss of revenue are major attributes that strain a company's growth and profitability. Because of these reasons, today's electronic market place demands a higher standard of excellence in terms of product quality, reliability and customer service.

With counterfeiters becoming more sophisticated, Lintech Components is leading the way against unscrupulous business practices with strategic investments required to fulfill our Zero Tolerance Policy towards counterfeit components. Lintech Components has made significant investments to take a proactive role with state-of-the-art counterfeit avoidance policies and Quality Management Systems certified by ISO9001, AS9120, ANSI/ESD S20.20, IDEA-QMS-9090A, I.D.E.A-STD-1010 and AS6081 Compliant.  Lintech's Certified Quality Management System in conjunction with our Components Authenticity Protection Program (C.A.P.P.) will ensure that all of our products that we deliver will be of the highest quality each and every time.

Component Authenticity Protection Program - C.A.P.P.

Lintech Components does not believe in only setting the industry quality standard, we believe on raising the standard each and every day. This is why Lintech Components developed the zero tolerance proprietary counterfeit avoidance program called Component Authenticity Protection Program (C.A.P.P.). This program, built on 20 years of industry experience and technical expertise, helps ensure that our clients are protected from counterfeit components.

Lintech's zero-tolerance policy is supported by senior management with significant investments in Quality Management Systems that are certified by ISO9001, AS9120 and ANSI/ESD S20. 20. Lintech continues to combat component counterfeiting with rigorous incoming inspections that are managed by IDEA-ICE-3000 Certified Professional Inspectors. Below are some aspects of the rigorous testing Lintech Components conducts:


Manufacturer Certificates of Conformance
Lot and Date Codes
Product Marking
Original Packaging and Labeling
Original Components Manufacturer (OCM) Verification

Product Inspection

100% Visual Inspection
Part Marking - Top / Bottom
Part Number Marking
Original Component Manufacturer (OCM)
Lead Inspection
Body Inspection - Black Topping
Date Code - Lot Code
Original Packaging
Verification of Quantity
Microscopy and Digital Photography

Product Authenticity

In-house Electrical Testing including Group A
In-house Marking Permanency Testing
In-house Nisene Chemical Decapsulation Process
In-house Mechanical De-lidding Process
In-house X-Ray - Die Bond Verification
In-house Electrical Curve Tracer
In-house Electrical Continuity Testing
In-houe Solderability
In-house RoHs Testing
In-house Material Analysis
Lintech Extensive OCM Die Library
Engineering Review
Comprehensive Report Supplied with Each Shipment

Conformance Testing

Customer Specific Component Testing - Group A, B, C, D
Component Re-Certification
Lintech Utilizes 3rd Party Government Certified Labs Only

Supplier Qualification

Potential Suppliers are Surveyed
Trade References are Requested and Verified
Compliant File Checked with Industry Watchdog Agencies (ERAI, GIDEP)
First Piece / Sample Requested for Evaluation
Suppliers Continuously Valuated on Quality and Delivery Performance Matrix
Problematic Suppliers are Removed from Approved Vendor List

Lintech Components C.A.P.P. program provides our customers with many cost effective benefits:

  • Lower Incoming Inspection Costs
  • Reduction in Rejection / Return Rates
  • Reduced Product Testing Costs
  • lower program Administrative Costs
  • Eliminate Re-Procurement Costs
  • Increase Company Profitability
  • Improve One-Time Program Performance
  • Enhance Customer Satisfaction
  • Peace of Mind

Quality Objectives

We strive to exceed our customers' expectations with every shipment. Opportunities for improvement in our quality management system are determined by measurement and analysis of key processes including contract review, corrective / preventative action, detail documented inspection, on-time delivery, continuous evaluation of suppliers, customer feedback, and control of nonconforming material.

Implementing Quality Procurement

Lintech’s Vendor Management System has been developed for more than negotiating the lowest costs with our suppliers, it is about sourcing quality products first. Lintech has a strict supplier qualification and criteria to determine vendor selection.

Supplying Quality Products

Lintech’s takes counterfeiting seriously. We have taken significant measures to ensure that we supply quality and authentic products with our state of the art counterfeit avoidance program in place, known as C.A.P.P.

Providing Quality People

Our team is our most valuable resource and the main reason for Lintech’s success. For over 20 years our staff have developed solid relationships with corporate suppliers and customers. Our loyal customer base is due to a professional group of quality pe