NSN: 5955-00-001-3332

Technical Characteristics

  • Overall Width

    0.435 inches maximum

  • Body Width

    0.402 inches maximum

  • Body Thickness

    0.150 inches maximum

  • Shunt Capacitance In Picofarads

    7.0 maximum

  • Holder Cover Material


  • Operating Temp Range

    -40.0/+90.0 deg celsius .

  • Operating Temp Range

    -55.0/+105.0 deg celsius .

  • Drive Level Rating

    1.6 milliwatts minimum and 2.4 milliwatts maximum

  • Style Designator

    1 oval body, pin terminals

  • Test Data Document

    81349-milc3098 specification

  • Overall Length

    0.753 inches minimum and 0.778 inches maximum

  • Terminal Length

    0.223 inches minimum and 0.248 inches maximum

  • Body Length

    0.530 inches maximum

  • Overall Thickness

    0.183 inches maximum

  • Terminal Diameter

    0.038 inches minimum and 0.042 inches maximum

  • Mode Of Oscillation

    fifth overtone

  • Circuit Resonance

    series resonance

  • Specified Frequency

    84.950 megahertz

  • Center To Center Distance Between Terminals

    0.184 inches minimum and 0.200 inches maximum

  • Frequency Tolerance For Operating Temp In Percent

    -0.002/ 0.002$$f-0.003/ 0.003

  • Equivalent Resistance Value In Ohms

    50.0 nominal

Certified to
AS6081 Methods

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