Standards Compliance

Lintech Adheres to All Leading Standards

Lintech Components demonstrates our commitment to quality by maintaining up-to-date training and credentials. Whether or not your company or its customers requires compliance to any of these standards, Lintech’s ability to meet them is a testament to a high level of competence and excellence with respect to our:

  • Overall quality management system
  • Purchasing practices that ensure supply chain integrity
  • Counterfeit mitigation methods including inspection and testing
  • Avoidance of ESD damage

We adhere to all government and industry standards including those for which we have passed rigorous audits and earned certifications confirming our suitability to distribute electronic components for military and aerospace applications. Lintech Components is also fully compliant with DFARS Part 252.246-7007, IDEA-QMS-9090, IDEA-STD-1010B and CCAP-101.

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Certified to
AS6081 Methods

Implementing Quality Procurement

A rigorous vendor selection process and vendor management system are essential to ensuring quality.

Supplying Quality Products

We take every measure to ensure that we supply quality, authentic parts including a strict vendor selection process and rigorous product inspections..

Providing Quality People

Our team of dedicated account managers, procurement professionals and specialized inspectors is the most valuable resource we have.