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New FAR Makes Previously Voluntary Screening and Reporting, Now Mandatory

A new Federal Acquisition Regulation provision and clause effective on December 23, 2019, requires, in short, federal contractors to report counterfeit or suspect counterfeit parts and major/critical nonconformances to their Contracting Officer and to GIDEP. The new FAR provision (48 C.F.R. § 46.317) and clause (FAR 52.246-26) applies to civilian and defense contracts over $150K...

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How to Identify a Falsified CoC

So you’ve found the legacy electronic component you need through an indirect source and you’re thrilled, especially since you’ve been told it comes with full traceability documents! Unfortunately, one of the tools unscrupulous sources use is to help peddle fake EEE parts is to alter and produce counterfeit certificates of conformance...

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Industry May be Trending towards Faster Obsolescence

In a perfect world you’d design and build a product and every part--down to the tiniest electronic component--would be readily available for its entire production life. Unfortunately in the real world semiconductors and other electronic components have their own lifecycles and they may be shorter than the optimal life of your design. In the past few years, a number of industry trends may be pointing towards faster electronic component obsolescence.

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DFARS Updates Impose Tighter Counterfeit Mitigation Requirements

New DoD DFARS update tightens regulations requiring contractors to acquire out-of-stock electronic parts/assemblies from a supplier that meets industry standards for inspecting, testing and authenticating.

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Proper E-Waste Disposal: How to Help Thwart the Proliferation of Counterfeit Components

An untold number of counterfeit electronics are created every single day BUT there is a way that you can be part of the solution. Proper recycling and disposal of e-waste can deprive counterfeiters of some of the raw materials they use to produce counterfeit electronics. As your partner in counterfeit risk mitigation, we'd like to help you avoid being part of the problem.


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After 5 Years, Lintech Exceeds IDEA’s Expectations

Lintech Components was acknowledged by the Independent Distributors of Electronics Association (IDEA) as one of an industry handful with its 5-Year Membership Award! Read how Lintech meets and exceeds the qualifications for earning this coveted membership.

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Lintech’s 0.4% Return Rate is Testament to Quality

Lintech’s return rate was just over 0.4 percent over the first five months of 2014.These exceptionally low rates can be attributed to three key factors:  the product expertise of our account representatives, our rigorous incoming and outgoing inspection. 

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Rewards of Proactive Purchasing with Blanket POs

Learn about the benefits of placing blanket POs for discontinued or hard-to-find electrical components with a trusted supplier, like Lintech Components.

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