After 5 Years, Lintech Exceeds IDEA’s Expectations

If you think all component distributors are created equal, think again. Although there are probably well over a thousand so-called distributors sourcing electronic components, Lintech Components is one of a select few demonstrating a commitment to the highest industry standards. As further evidence of this commitment, Lintech Components was recently acknowledged by the Independent Distributors of Electronics Association (IDEA) as one of less than 20 in the entire industry with its Five-Year Membership Award!

Now you may be wondering what all the fuss is about since membership to most industry groups is simply a matter of paying dues. But IDEA is different: membership in IDEA is actually earned. It requires adherence to a number of industry benchmarks that exhibit “leadership and ongoing commitment to the highest quality standards within the independent distribution industry.” So in this case, membership matters.

True to form, Lintech Components has not only met these standards but we’ve exceeded them.

1 - Not only does Lintech Components maintain a “sophisticated and continually improving Quality Management System (QMS) and is certified to IDEA-QMS-9090”, we are also certified to stringent, international mil/aerospace quality standards such as AS9120.

2 - While it is certainly true that Lintech Components has “incorporated IDEA-STD-1010: Acceptability of Electronic Components Distributed in the Open Market into its QMS,” Lintech goes well above and beyond the non-destructive visual inspections required by it. Lintech Components was one of the first in the industry to develop its own, comprehensive Component Authenticity Protection Program which includes marking permanency tests, dimensional inspections and even comparisons to Lintech’s extensive die database. For an extra level of security, we can also offer extensive electrical testing and advanced authenticity inspections. Furthermore, Lintech is a Defense Logistics Agency Qualified Testing Supplier, which enables us to perform qualification testing to ensure product conformance to OEM specifications.

3 - Finally, IDEA requires “at least one IDEA-ICE-3000 Certified Professional Inspector at each inspection location.” There are six such certified inspectors at Lintech’s Ronkonkoma headquarters.

Doing business with the vast majority of fly-by-night electronic component distributors can be risky. Price is important, but does it really matter if it was cheap if it turns out to be substandard of fake? Lintech Components continually invests in our quality systems and certifications so you can be confident that you will always get the quality you pay for.

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Certified to
AS6081 Methods

Implementing Quality Procurement

A rigorous vendor selection process and vendor management system are essential to ensuring quality.

Supplying Quality Products

We take every measure to ensure that we supply quality, authentic parts including a strict vendor selection process and rigorous product inspections..

Providing Quality People

Our team of dedicated account managers, procurement professionals and specialized inspectors is the most valuable resource we have.