NSN: 5962-00-001-3000

Technical Characteristics

  • Test Data Document

    81349-mil-m-38510 specification (includes engineering type bulletins, brochures,etc., that reflect specification type data in specification format; excludes commercial catalogs, industry directories, and similar trade publications, reflecting general type

  • Specification/standard Data

    81349-mil-m-38510/5 government specification

  • Operating Temp Range

    -55.0/+125.0 deg celsius

  • Maximum Power Dissipation Rating

    340.0 milliwatts

  • Body Length

    0.280 inches maximum

  • Inclosure Configuration

    flat pack

  • Body Width

    0.240 inches minimum and 0.260 inches maximum

  • Precious Material


  • Precious Material And Location

    terminals gold

  • Terminal Type And Quantity

    14 flat leads

  • Storage Temp Range

    -65.0/+150.0 deg celsius

  • Features Provided

    monolithic and hermetically sealed and positive outputs

  • Design Function And Quantity

    1 gate, and-or invert

  • Inclosure Material

    ceramic and glass

  • Body Height

    0.030 inches minimum and 0.085 inches maximum

  • Input Circuit Pattern

    4 wide 2 input

  • Voltage Rating And Type Per Characteristic

    5.5 volts maximum power source

  • Case Outline Source And Designator

    f-1 mil-m-38510

  • Terminal Surface Treatment


  • Output Logic Form

    transistor-transistor logic

  • ~1

    maximum propagation delay time, high to low lev

  • ~1

    data on certain environmental and performanc

  • Time Rating Per Chacteristic

    30.00 nanoseconds maximum propagation delay time, low to high level output and 3.00 nanoseconds minimum propagation delay time, low to high level output and 3.00 nanoseconds minimum propagation delay time, high to low level output and 24.00 nanoseconds

Certified to
AS6081 Methods

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