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Lintech Components is a trusted, DLA- and AS6081-compliant resource for quality military and commercial electronic components. We simplify the procurement of hard-to-find parts while ensuring product authenticity so that you can concentrate on your core business. We do this by offering the strongest line card in the industry with over 60 commodities representing more than 200 manufacturers, retaining a seasoned staff with technical expertise in multiple fields, and performing meticulous incoming and outgoing product inspections. Read More

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Industry May be Trending towards Faster Obsolescence

In a perfect world you’d design and build a product and every part--down to the tiniest electronic component--would be readily available for its entire production life. Unfortunately in the real world semiconductors and other electronic components have their own lifecycles and they may be shorter than the optimal life of your design. In the past few years, a number of industry trends may be pointing towards faster electronic component obsolescence.

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DFARS Updates Impose Tighter Counterfeit Mitigation Requirements

New DoD DFARS update tightens regulations requiring contractors to acquire out-of-stock electronic parts/assemblies from a supplier that meets industry standards for inspecting, testing and authenticating.

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Proper E-Waste Disposal: How to Help Thwart the Proliferation of Counterfeit Components

An untold number of counterfeit electronics are created every single day BUT there is a way that you can be part of the solution. Proper recycling and disposal of e-waste can deprive counterfeiters of some of the raw materials they use to produce counterfeit electronics. As your partner in counterfeit risk mitigation, we'd like to help you avoid being part of the problem.


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Implementing Quality Procurement

Lintech’s Vendor Management System has been developed for more than negotiating the lowest costs with our suppliers, it is about sourcing quality products first. Lintech has a strict supplier qualification and criteria to determine vendor selection.

Supplying Quality Products

Lintech’s takes counterfeiting seriously. We have taken significant measures to ensure that we supply quality and authentic products with our state of the art counterfeit avoidance program in place, known as C.A.P.P.

Providing Quality People

Our team is our most valuable resource and the main reason for Lintech’s success. For over 20 years our staff have developed solid relationships with corporate suppliers and customers. Our loyal customer base is due to a professional group of quality pe