Counterfeit Mitigation

Zero Tolerance for Counterfeit Product

The ongoing need for obsolete devices to support legacy systems and equipment without costly redesigns is complicated by the threat of counterfeit and otherwise substandard electronic components in the supply chain. Before an electronic component lacking traceability to its OCM is utilized, the smart (and often required) approach is to mitigate the risk associated with such parts by careful sourcing, inspection and testing.

Lintech is a leader in counterfeit mitigation that is fully compliant with AS6081:

  • All components are sourced via a scrubbed vendor list
  • Lintech was one of the first to develop an inspection procedure, Lintech’s Component Authenticity Protection Program (CAPP), which is still offered to customers not bound to compliance with other standards
  • Inspection and testing in accordance with applicable customer-specific, aerospace and other industry and/or military standards for quality and authenticity
  • Every inspector is certified to AS6081 counterfeit component detection methods
  • Affiliation with a highly-credentialed independent test house ensures integrity of advanced inspection and testing

Services include:

  • External Visual & Dimensional Inspection
  • Marking Permanency & Blacktop Inspection
  • X-Ray Die Bond & Frame Inspection
  • XRF Spectrum Analysis & SEM Inspection
  • Group A Electrical Testing at Temperature
  • Decapsulation/delidding
  • Destructive Physical Analysis (DPA)
  • OCM Die Database Comparison

For a more complete description of our Component Authenticity Services see this Counterfeit Avoidance Overview.


Certified to
AS6081 Methods

Implementing Quality Procurement

A rigorous vendor selection process and vendor management system are essential to ensuring quality.

Supplying Quality Products

We take every measure to ensure that we supply quality, authentic parts including a strict vendor selection process and rigorous product inspections..

Providing Quality People

Our team of dedicated account managers, procurement professionals and specialized inspectors is the most valuable resource we have.