about us


Lintech Components was founded in 1991 in response to the growing need for obsolete electronic components within several market segments. The company retains specialists in electronics, sourcing, logistics and product inspection at its Ronkonkoma, New York, headquarters. We also maintain a presence in several international markets.

Over the years, Lintech Components has evolved from simply a trusted distributor into a leader in the detection of counterfeit and substandard components. To ensure that we provide the highest quality product to all our customers, including the U.S. Government, Lintech strictly adheres to our proprietary and comprehensive Component Authenticity Protection Program (CAPP).

An ISO 9001/AS 9120 certified stocking distributor, Lintech represents 95 leading manufacturer lines and manages more than 300,000 line items of inventory.


Our mission is to provide every Lintech customer with best-in-class electronic distribution and supply chain services. We strive to accomplish this through our commitments to exceptional customer service, uncompromising product quality, ethical business practices, and in-house inventory. 

Implementing Quality Procurement

Lintech’s Vendor Management System has been developed for more than negotiating the lowest costs with our suppliers, it is about sourcing quality products first. Lintech has a strict supplier qualification and criteria to determine vendor selection.

Supplying Quality Products

Lintech’s takes counterfeiting seriously. We have taken significant measures to ensure that we supply quality and authentic products with our state of the art counterfeit avoidance program in place, known as C.A.P.P.

Providing Quality People

Our team is our most valuable resource and the main reason for Lintech’s success. For over 20 years our staff have developed solid relationships with corporate suppliers and customers. Our loyal customer base is due to a professional group of quality pe