Lintech Components Receives Signature DNA Marker Certificate From Applied DNA Sciences

Lintech Components Named Certified Signature DNA Marker from Applied DNA Sciences

RONKONKOMA NY- December 12, 2013- Lintech Components is pleased to announce it has completed the qualification process to become a certified Signature DNA Marker from Applied DNA Sciences—  (ADNAS), a company that has developed botanical DNA-based security and authenticity solutions to protect products, brands, and other property from counterfeiting in both the United States and Europe.

Applied Science’s SigNature DNA is an engineered mark derived from plant DNA, the aim of which is to authenticate the originality of the immediate source of a component at any point in its supply chain. The marking is used as a tool to mitigate the risk of misrepresented and counterfeit parts from entering the market. 

Lintech Components has been designated as a certified SigNature DNA in-house marker after completing an internal training process. The process involved an on-site audit by ADNAS assessing facility logistics such as security of the area where the DNA will be stored, along with a review of various inspection and distribution quality controls. After passing the audit, Lintech’s certified, professional inspectors then received on-site training for DNA-marking application and forensic analysis swabbing.

“Lintech’s completion of Applied Sciences (ADNAS) Signature DNA marker certification process reflects our on-going efforts to mitigate the risk of infiltration of counterfeit and substandard product from entering the global supply chain. As an adopter of SigNature DNA marking, our strategy is to contribute to the emergence of a forensically secure and robust supply-chain”, stated Ken Linden, President of Lintech Components.

About Lintech Components:

Lintech has served as a leading, world-class stocking distributor of electronic components for over 20 years. Recognizing that component counterfeiting is an industry wide problem requiring an industry wide solution, Lintech Components has made significant investments to combat counterfeit components in today’s uncertain market. Our state of the art counterfeit avoidance policies and procedures, and quality management systems are ISO 9001, AS9120, , ANSI/ESD S20.20, I.D.E.A. QMS 9090 certified, and AS6081 compliant, awaiting certification. Lintech also serves as a DLA QSLD and QTSL approved government supplier.

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