Lintech Components Initiates New Innovative Inventory Management Program

As obsolete and legacy electronic components become more and more difficult to procure, Lintech Components is committed to providing progressive solutions for our customers. With the addition of these value added services, Lintech is able to fully support our customers by offering many types of inventory management programs. These cost-saving programs, combined with an extensive inventory portfolio of over 300,000 line items, makes sourcing and obtaining products faster and easier, providing our customers with an invaluable service in today’s component procurement marketplace.

Lintech’s value added programs such as bonded inventory, dock to stock, firm fixed pricing, and just in time (JIT) help to alleviate much of the cost associated with the most difficult products. All of these customized programs reduce inventory carrying costs while improving cycle times. By delivering cost savings and increasing flexibility to changing demands we relieve our customers of the stress and risk of reoccurring product shortages and cost fluctuations. Additionally, all orders are backed by our 100% risk mitigation process to ensure that only genuine and authentic products will be delivered. Our component authenticity protection program and inventory management implemented by our procurement specialists saves you time and money without sacrificing the same quality in service Lintech Component customers have come to expect.

For more information on our inventory management services and other solutions we can provide to support to your business, contact our sales department at Lintech Components.

About Lintech Components:

Lintech has served as a leading, trusted stocking distributor of electronic components for over 20 years, specializing in obsolete and hard to find items. Recognizing that component counterfeiting is an industry wide problem requiring an industry wide solution, Lintech Components has made significant investments to combat counterfeit components in today’s uncertain market. Our state of the art counterfeit avoidance policies and procedures, and quality management systems are ISO 9001, AS9120, QMS-9090, ANSI/ESD S20.20, I.D.E.A. STD 1010 certified, and AS6081 compliant, awaiting certification.

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Certified to
AS6081 Methods

Implementing Quality Procurement

A rigorous vendor selection process and vendor management system are essential to ensuring quality.

Supplying Quality Products

We take every measure to ensure that we supply quality, authentic parts including a strict vendor selection process and rigorous product inspections..

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Our team of dedicated account managers, procurement professionals and specialized inspectors is the most valuable resource we have.