Lintech Joins Coalition for American Electronics Recycling

The United States is a major source of raw materials used in the production of counterfeit electronics because our own laws allow e-waste to be exported--and we are the only developed nation that has not ratified the Basel Convention, which seeks to limit the flow of hazardous waste from developed to developing countries.

All of us in the electronics industry affected by the scourge of counterfeit components have a vested interest in keeping counterfeit electronic components out of the military and commercial supply chains. Although Lintech Components takes exceptional measures to ensure device quality and authenticity, as a leader in counterfeit mitigation we strive to be part of the broader solution. To this end we support House Resolution 5579 known as the Secure E-Waste Export and Recycling ACT introduced on June 24th,  which seeks to halt the legal flow of e-waste overseas by requiring domestic recycling of all untested, non-working electronics and have also recently joined the Coalition for American Electronics Recycling.

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A rigorous vendor selection process and vendor management system are essential to ensuring quality.

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We take every measure to ensure that we supply quality, authentic parts including a strict vendor selection process and rigorous product inspections..

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