Lintech Components Passes Audit and Renews the Boeing CEPA Approval for the Boeing Company

Lintech Components Passes Audit and Renews the Boeing CEPA Approval for the Boeing Company

Ronkonkoma, NY - February 10, 2014 - For the second consecutive year, Lintech Components announced that they have passed their assessment for the Boeing CEPA approval in acknowledgement of suppliers who have achieved superior performance in quality and counterfeit components avoidance. This renewal is the result of maintaining a high quality management system throughout all facets of the Counterfeit Electronic Avoidance system, which are set in place by Boeing to ensure the authenticity of all Boeing components procured by Lintech. In addition to the several Boeing Performance Excellence Awards, Lintech has maintained a superior composite performance rating consistently since 2010. These awards and achievements are recognized by the industry for their prestige and demonstrate why Lintech has the reputation of being a trusted supplier, as well as a leader, in quality and counterfeit avoidance standards.

Lintech Components does not only believe in setting the industry quality standard; their goal is also to raise the standard each and every day. This is why Lintech Components developed the zero tolerance proprietary counterfeit avoidance Component Authenticity Protection Program (C.A.P.P.) This program, built on 20 years of industry experience and technical expertise, helps to ensure that customers are protected from counterfeit components. Lintech's zero-tolerance policy is supported by senior management with significant investments in Quality Management Systems that are certified by ISO9001:2008, AS9120:2002, CCAP-101, QMS-9090A and ANSI/ESD S 20:20-2007. Lintech continues to combat component counterfeiting with rigorous incoming inspections, managed by IDEA-ICE-3000 Certified Professional Inspectors.  These processes are accomplished through product authenticity services, including full electrical testing including group A temperature, IC De-capsulation/De-lidding, Internal Visual Die Verification, Physical Dimension Sampling, Marking permanency sampling, XRF ROHS spectrum analyzer, proprietary extensive OCM die database, onsite engineering support, and a comprehensive report supplied with each shipment. Lintech is a supply chain management specialist that is committed to helping to protect customers avoid costly delays due to counterfeit components.

Maintaining the highest level of quality has been a critical objective of Lintech Components since the company’s inception 20 years ago. In order to achieve our quality objectives and zero tolerance towards counterfeiting, Lintech implements a robust Quality Management System. This system focuses on employing quality people, managing strict vendor selection processes as well as implementing our proprietary counterfeit detection program C.A.P.P(Component Authenticity Protection Program). This program was designed to protect customer supply chains and ensure that only authentic products are supplied to customers each and every time. All of these factors are what ultimately drives Lintech to continue investing in resources that help increase customer satisfaction. The dedication to adhere to government and industry best practices has led them to achieve leading industry certifications that are recognized nationally and internationally. Lintech also prides themselves as members to various industry groups and associations, including the IDEA, GIDEP as well as the ERAI. This is done to keep current with best industry practices for ensuring quality and authenticity.

About Lintech Components:
Lintech Components is a world class global supplier of semiconductors, integrated circuits, passive components and memory from the world's leading manufacturers for nearly 20 years that has built a reputation based on quality products and services. Their Quality Management System is ISO 9001:AS9120, QMS-9090, ANSI/ESD S20.20-2007 Certified, IDEA-Std-1010A and AS6081, compliant.

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